Warehouse logistics

In addition to arranging cargo transportation GLOBAL TRADE EXPEDITION can offer comprehensive solutions in warehouse logistics. Reliability and timeliness of services for the storage of goods is one of the key factors to reduce costs and ensure the effectiveness of the supply chain.20150512163711

Our storage facilities are located within the boundaries of Novorossiysk and equipped with everything necessary for comfortable loading, unloading and handling of all cargo, ensuring prompt execution of orders and cargo safety. Flexible system of pricing for the required individual set of operations with the goods and an open and simple detailing removes a significant degree of difficulty in communicating between a customer and a contractor. Therefore, taking into a consideraton the basis of cost, physical properties of goods, volume of shipment and frequency of cargo traffic, we offer a variety of tariff schemes to our customers and they choose for themselves the most clear, simple and comprehensive model.


     Our capabilities:

  • Floor, rack cargo storage
  • Mechanized and manual cargo handling
  • Marking, stickering, repacking, palletizing
  • Periodic inventory counts, investigation on claims
  • Selection of pallets / packages for the formation of an order
  • Packing batches of goods for shipment
  • Preparation of supporting documentation
  • Reporting on cargo storage and movement