Sea freight

International cargo transportation today is among the most popular when it comes to import or export of goods. In this connection there is a constantly growing demand for containerized shipments in the shipping market, i.e. transportation of goods by means of special standardized containers designed according to ISO standards. 
Day_ShipThe undeniable advantages of such transportation are:
  • Cost efficiency

  • Possibility of “door-to-door” delivery

  • Possibility of loading almost any cargo, versatility of cargo handling

  • High level of safety and security of cargo

  • Regular service of shipping lines

Containerized cargo transportation is one of our priority activities. We have accumulated vast experience in delivering various cargoes by sea transport, arranging containerized shipments worldwide. Timely processing of orders and ensuring the necessary time and cost of delivery are facilitated by long-term contractual relationships with shipping lines and a wide partnership network in different countries. Due to many years of experience and professionalism of our specialists Global Trade Expedition carries out timely planning and arrangement of cargo handling and delivery minimizing potential costs. 

     s2-2Our capabilities:

  • Handling all types of cargoes suitable for container transportation
  • Containerized shipments by 20ft, 40ft, Open Top, Flat Rack containers
  • Development of individual transport schemes
  • Preparation of all necessary transportation documents
  • Tracking the route and location of cargo