Road freight

Arrangement of freight using road transport is the most available and economically viable service in the market of cargo delivery. This is due to the fact that a well-developed network of roads makes it possible to deliver goods to any location, anywhere in the country. Maneuverability of road transport provides variability in construction of routes, as well as high efficiency and minimal delivery time.

3285039330846844960641b81c6a164c_750x410That is why today more and more companies are turning to road freight transportation. Always the most attractive for customers are speed of delivery, possibility to deliver cargo “door to door” without additional costs and charges for reloading of cargo from one mode of transport to another. In addition, the highest level of competition in the road transport market implies possibility of obtaining substantial discounts, special offers in various areas of transportation or related services. GLOBAL TRADE EXPEDITION ensures professional approach to arrangement of road freight transportation, also providing related services:

  • Development of optimal schemes of delivery
  • Selection and spotting of vehicles most suitable for loading (tents, containers, refrigerators, side platforms, etc.) based on the specifics and dimensions of cargo
  • Cargo transportation in 20-foot and 40-foot containers
  • Complex service on arrangement of port clearance of goods and its further transportation to the destination
  • Drafting and registration of consignment notes
  • Road transport under customs control, customs transit regime
  • Direct delivery to the consignee’s warehouse
  • Advisory support in customs clearance on international routes
  • Tracking and reporting of cargo movement at all stages of transportation