Rail freight

Rail transport is one of the most common ways of cargo delivery all over the world, as rail transport is perhaps the most affordable, reliable, and least dangerous mode of transport, independent of weather conditions and applicable to transportation of large volumes of goods over long distances. In Russia and the CIS railway transport is a leader in cargo turnover.

zdperevoz2GLOBAL TRADE EXPEDITION arranges rail transportation of cargoes through the territory of Russia, CIS, Europe and China both in containers and wagons of all kinds. Our experts will select the most optimal route scheme, if necessary, will arrange transshipment of cargo at the railway station or in the port, optimize the cost of transportation, will control the process of delivery at all stages of transportation and help with registration of the necessary documentation.

      кальмарOur capabilities:
  • Optimization of delivery schemes, option of the most convenient point for cargo handling with due consideration of its character, size of shipment, point of loading and destination.
  • Preliminary cost calculation of rail transportation and additional services
  • Cargo consolidation at our own warehouses and other facilities for cargo handling
  • Arrangement of cargo transportation on domestic customs transit procedure, international customs transit
  • Preparation and registration of all necessary transportation and other supporting documents
  • Cargo location tracking
  • Any additional services: packaging, labeling, insurance, cargo fastening in a container and at an open platform and others.