Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation is one of the main activities of GLOBAL TRADE EXPEDITION. This method of cargo delivery involves alternate use of different modes of transport that makes the best use of the advantages of a particular mode of transport. As a rule, this type of transportation used for transporting shipments over long distances or when to deliver a particular cargo by only one mode of transport is not possible.

multimodal - копияSkillful and thoughtful construction of the supply chain using the various modes of transport enables to significantly reduce the final costs of cargo transportation, to ensure safety and security of consignment at all stages of transportation and to reduce time of transportation. Thus, due to the use of multimodal transportation it is possible to deliver any cargo “door-to-door”, that is directly “from the hands of” the shipper “in the hands” of the consignee.

     Our capabilities:
  • Development of individual transport schemes (including “door to door” schemes of delivery), based on type and value of goods, size of shipment, delivery terms
  • Arrangement of cargo transportation by all modes of transport
  • Option of the most convenient point for cargo handling with due consideration of its specifics, size of shipment, point of loading and destination
  • Reloading and storage of goods at intermediate points
  • Cargo insurance for separate operations and for the entire period of cargo delivery
  • Cargo location tracking
  • Preparation of all necessary transport and related documents.
  • Customs clearance of import, export and transit of goods