GLOBAL TRADE EXPEDITION provides a full range of services in the market of domestic and international freight. When arranging delivery of various types of cargo, including hazardous and requiring special temperature conditions, we provide: transportation of goods by different modes of transport, cargo consolidation, warehouse handling and storage, customs clearance and cargo insurance and other related services.

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Cooperation with us will enhance Your ability to optimize financial and time costs, as we control all stages of transportation, ensuring safety and security of Your goods, fully supporting the stage of customs clearance.

      Our advantages:

  • Development of optimal transport & logistic schemes for delivery of Your goods
  • Preliminary calculation of customs duties and taxes
  • Drafting of foreign trade contracts
  • A flexible system of rates and tariffs
  • Shipping cargo by sea, road, rail
  • Customs clearance of import, export and transit cargoes
  • Direct contracts with shipping lines, insurance companies
  • Control over the safety and condition of Your cargoes
  • Inspection, certification, cargo insurance