Chickpea is one of the earliest cultivated legumes. It was grown from ancient times in India, Pakistan, Ethiopia and other countries. Nowadays chickpeas are easy to find on the shelves of stores in any part of the world. Still it is mainly grown in India, Pakistan, Turkey, North Africa, Australia. Chickpeas are valued for its delicious nutty taste, simplicity of cultivation and high yield. It is a food product, especially popular in the Middle East, being the basis for cooking of traditional dishes of Middle Eastern cuisine — hummus and falafel. Its seeds are high in protein. Roasted beans are called leblebi.

Common varieties of chickpeas:

Cabuli – is a round pea of yellow color, large size with a delicate shell;

Desi – characteristic dark beans with a rough thick shell, it has a characteristic delicious taste and aroma that can reduce blood sugar.

In addition to these varieties there are chickpeas red, brown, black and green colors having different characteristics.

Chickpea is also common in West and Middle Asia, North Africa, North America.  Chickpeas is widely used in vegan, vegetarian and Indian cooking. Consumption of chickpeas is also traditional in the Mediterranean region.

Flour, made out of chickpea is used in particular in Indian cooking. And for example, in Italian cuisine it is used to make tortillas — farinata.

Mostly, white-seed varieties are used for food. The heat treatment takes much longer than for lentils and peas.

Chickpeas are a very good source of zinc, and folic acid. Its seeds contain 20-30 % protein, 50-60 % carbohydrates, 7 % fat (mostly polyunsaturated) and about 12% of other substances, including essential amino acid lysine, vitamins B1, B6 and mineral substances.

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